Centre 2 - Research & Development

Autonomous machining equipment
controlled by artificial intelligence

Robotics, optics, mechatronics, data science

Since 2014

What we do

We develop, manufacture and sell A.I.-controlled machining and inspection machines that operate fully autonomously (i.e. with no human intervention)

We foster partnership and development agreements

ADONITE focuses its know-how on 7 filed patents.

Based in Switzerland, it develops innovative machining and inspection machines whose operation is based on several patented solutions in the fields of vision and image analysis.

Logo de Adonite, société en Suisse qui dévelpppe des machines autonomes en boucle fermée dans le domaine de l'usinage

The machines developed by ADONITE are fitted with multiple optical sensors, capable of operating in oil with repeatability of the order of one micron. These innovations make it possible to digitise all the information that defines the manufacturing and inspection processes performed on machined components.

Le réglage de l'outils d'usinage se fait automatique de manière numérique
ADONITE produces connected machining and inspection machines. Digitisation of the know-how relating to :
– setting up
– inspection
– optimising manufacturing processes

Watch-Out, the autonomous machine...

One of our range of autonomous machines, currently in production

... controlled by artificial intelligence

I TURN DEVELOPPEMENT brings together the know-how developed by the Group’s various units : machining and the digitisation of data.

It creates the A.I. building blocks that control the machines and the various stages of manufacturing processes in full autonomy : setting up, inspection and process optimisation

Logo de I Turn Développement, société spécialiste en intelligence artificielle qui numérise le savoir-faire de l'usinage de pointe

I TURN DEVELOPPEMENT’s purpose is to combine LDI-ARD’s precision machining know-how with ADONITES’s digitised data know-how to develop agile and intelligent algorithms, that can control, autonomously and optimally, closed-loop machining processes.

I Turn Développement développe des algorithmes agiles et intelligents pour piloter l'usinage

The company collects data (machine learning), organises it (data mining) and uses algorithms to create artificial intelligence.

I Turn Développement développe des algorithmes pour créer l'intelligence artificielle
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